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  2. Ice Canyon, Greenland

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    Man Ray

    ca. 1935

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  5. "Stop looking at your misfortunes as inconveniences, and start accepting them as opportunities for ultimate growth. Once you master the ability to achieve this, your world will start changing right before your eyes."
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    1. Things I am good at: getting high.
    2. ...still relevant

  6. "You see you can’t experience the feeling you call self, unless it’s in contrast with a feeling of other. It’s like known and unknown, light and dark, positive and negative. Other is necessary for you to feel self."
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    dear lord

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    im thankful for 

    • my face
    • the weed that goes in my face
    • my lungs for fuckin wit me
    • my brain for processing and distributing the weed amongst itself
    • my hands for gettin the weed to my face
    • fire 
    • money

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  11. "I hope there are days when you fall in love with being alive."
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    11 months healed scarification, done by Iestyn Flye!

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    Loving someone who doesn’t know how to love themselves is the most exhausting thing. Especially when you try so hard to walk away and they try to hard to pull you back in.

    This relationship will self-destruct in 3…. 2….